Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Do you live in Arizona?

(That is me after my long coma, stretching my legs 
with some of my favorite nurses)

I wrote an opinion article in the Arizona Republic yesterday:

Two, sometimes three times a day, 
the nurses would take down multiple layers of bandages, 
scrub my fragile body and wounds, stretch my burned ligaments and joints, 
and then wrap me back up again, only to repeat the process in a few hours. 
They did all of this while carefully monitoring my pain in a room heated to 
100 degrees for my safety and comfort.

And then there are the doctors (whom I love like I love my own father). 
When I was sick and broken, they pieced me together like a patchwork quilt. 
They literally sewed me back together, preserving life
 and limbs that were burned to the bone. 
My face was burned off, my arms and legs lay skinless, 
and I was dying. But these doctors recognized my acute condition 
and knew exactly what to do.

The men and women at the Arizona Burn Center perform miracles every day.
 There is no other hospital or health system that can take its place. None.
READ the rest HERE

**Farewell September, welcome (my favorite month) 

Monday, September 29, 2014


It's been said that pregnant women crave things.  
While I have had some serious cravings,
mostly my cravings have been for one thing;
 ER.  (Emergency Room)
You know, the TV show with Goose from Top Gun and George Clooney.  
When I was 13 years old, my older sisters started watching it and so did I. 
Then I became obsessed.  Did you know it ran for 15 seasons?  
I pretty much grew up with that show.
Little did I know that a portion of my life would be played out as an ER episode
 (or 3-4 seasons, at least).
I drove Clane to check my local library to see if they carried the DVD seasons.
No such luck.
It's times like this I really wish Blockbuster was still around.  
I swear it would be cheaper to check them out then download them all on my computer.  

Anyone own all 15 seasons?  Anyone want to share?
I'm dying here.

Love, your pregnant and very sick friend,  Nie

(Also, Claire's awesome backpack/library bag from HERE)

Friday, September 26, 2014

We will gather

Happy weekend to you!  
I am going to pull myself together so I can attend the General Women's Meeting
with my girls on September 27th.
 I always look forward to this evening.
I hope you can join the millions of women across the globe as we receive
inspiring messages of hope, strength and help from our church leaders,
and our beloved Prophet.
(all of which I so desperately need).
I want my daughters to know they are daughters of God.  They are divine.
They are cherished and loved in His eyes.
I want them to feel His love and see the direction He is giving
them through these inspired meetings and church leaders.
This meeting is a beautiful tradition we will share together
until the end of time, I am sure of it!

 Go here for viewing information.
Or to watch it live, go here.
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