Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby, Baby!

Did you know that Sundance has partnered with the actual
to come to Utah and share this musical experience with us Westerners?
Well they do, every year, and its awesome!
Mr. Nielson and I joined our dear pals Chad and Amber as we enjoyed 
this fantastic evening and music and all the stories behind the songs.
This year Amy Grant joined the lineup of amazing artists.
When I think of Amy Grant I think about denim and frizzy hair
 and that Baby, Baby song.
 Frizzy hair is gone, denim still intact, {granted updated denim}
 and a wonderful explanation about that song.
Did you know she actually wrote it while she was pregnant with her
first baby and this child within her inspired the hit?
I like that song so much better now knowing its about a baby
rather than a denim-mullet-wearing dude...don't you?
{Just to prove it, watch this....it's classic}
 {That is Chad, the GM of Sundance welcoming the gang to the event- he nailed it}
You still have a chance to be apart of this fun evening.
 Two more Bluebird Cafe events are taking place at Sundance 
on August 22 and 29th.  Go HERE for more information.

Also to note:

Claire is in the middle of another "playmation" film.
I don't have details yet, only that I went through my photos and died laughing.
I think this is really going to be a hit.
She is using the "calico critters" as her actors.
As far as I can tell, someone gets in the tub, falls down the stairs with his
hand stuck in some kind of vase, gets
caught smooching, and some kind of meal is being shared by the community.
I can't to hear the name of this film.
{ Dollhouse- Melissa & Doug}

One of my very favorite stores on the planet are having a sale on the 24th.
Check it out:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sweeping me off my cracked feet.

Sometimes after a long day, I sit on the edge of my tub and 
wash my feet before bed.
I have a few major painful cracks on my heals and I feel like
washing them cools and relaxes them before I am off in dreamland.
{Plus, I hate dirty feet in a clean bed}.
Last night, Mr. Nielson walked in on me and took 
pity on my poor little tootsies.
Next thing I knew I was on my knees, heals in the air, 
and Mr. Nielson super-gluing 
those painful cracks together. 
I don't think anything says "I love you" more than that.
Thanks sweetheart.  I love you too.

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Mormon Woman

I am a Mormon woman.
I love being a Mormon, and being a woman in the Mormon church is 
indescribably satisfying to me.
Lately in our church, there has been turmoil around many important topics- 
including a woman's place in our faith.
I love my Mormon sisters regardless of where they stand on this particular issue.
Though in lots of ways we are different, we also know that we are all 
daughters of the same Heavenly Father, which binds us as sisters.

 I know I am a loved daughter of a Heavenly Father who knows me personally.  
He yearns for me to realize all of the potential that I have been given.
I know that Christ is the Savior of the world.  He died for me, and you, 
and everyone.  He is our greatest advocate and loves us unconditionally.
I believe that we have a prophet today- a living prophet.  
He is God's mouthpiece.  I trust him completely.   
I will follow him with my heart 100% fully obedient to his words.

I think its most wise to align myself and my actions with what the prophets
are teaching and if they don't align, I am off- not them, not ever.
It takes courage not compromise for God's approval.
I feel I need to stress again the fact that I love my all of my Mormon sisters--
I respect them because they are good mothers,
daughters, friends, providers, and because they genuinely want to be good.  
They work hard, they have families and children whom they are responsible for.  
I appreciate that because I know it's sometimes challenging,
 especially in today's world.
But in that same breath, I also fear for them because Mormon women
are also covenant keeping women,
 and when they break or forget those covenants they have made with God, 
they cannot be protected, prepared, trusted, or empowered.

And that is what I have to say about that.
Have a great weekend.

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